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    "I had the good fotune to work with Nancy Hamiltonbefore my first experience as a lead presenter at a national convention in Boston.  The excitement that my presentation proposal had been accepted quickly turned to dread as I imagined a room full of people expecting me to hold their attention for one hour.  Nancy’s advice was priceless.  I implemented everything she told me about how to open and close the talk, the slides, timing, what to wear, what to think, and how to envision the process successfully unfolding.  When I arrived in Boston for the conference, I was nervous for sure but confident as well. I was shocked to find that I had to speak in a double conference room, meant to seat hundreds, but then a strange thing happened.  I knew I was prepared. What I had previously dreaded turned into an exciting opportunity. When the room filled up, and I heard my voice over the microphone, the only thing I thought was “show time!” Folks were interested and engaged, and the question and answer session included some lively debate. Nancy had taught me how to succeed in an area where, just the year before at a tiny conference in Texas, I had lost my voice for a few seconds and then read word-for-word off a sheet in a quivering voice. Nancy took my greatest fear – public speaking – and turned it into one of my proudest moments at the Boston convention.  Weeks later, I was incredulous when I found out that my speech was chosen out of the hundreds of sessions as a highlight of the conference in an article written by a reporter in the audience who had been scouting for a national magazine.  I recommend Nancy Hamilton to anyone with an important presentation or a fear of public speaking. She is fantastic!"  ~SJ 

    “I am a college student in Atlanta. After a couple of disappointing interviews, I worked with Nancy Hamilton in order to expand my knowledge of the interviewing and hiring processes as well as to improve my communication skills. Nancy provided me with an immense amount of indispensable knowledge concerning everything from how to format a resume to personal presentation and introductions.  Nancy is extremely enthusiastic about passing on her knowledge, and I could tell that she truly cared. I felt very comfortable talking to Nancy and practicing interview questions with her. She helped me pick out several stories and character traits about myself that I wanted employers to notice, and she helped me think of ways to work them seamlessly into interview conversations. I am naturally a shy person, but with Nancy’s coaching, I felt comfortable and confident talking to not only potential employers but also new people that I continually meet at school and through other daily activities. Nancy also helped me understand the best way to dress and present myself physically in interviews and other professional settings. Before working with Nancy, none of my previous interviews had been positive experiences. I was always extremely nervous, I struggled for the right answers, and I did not know how to make myself seem cool, calm and collected. However, after being coached by Nancy, my confidence level during interviews shot up, I was asked back for second interviews, and I received a job offer!  I now look at interviews as a fun challenge. I highly recommend a session with Nancy to anyone who wants to improve their confidence with interviewing, public speaking, or simply social interaction."  ~KB

    "Nancy Hamilton is a fantastic personal development coach.  She greatly helped me to believe in my artistic talent, enabling me to focus my creativity in a positive, goal-achieving way. I am so thankful to her for teaching me how to use specific thoughts and actions to best succeed in life."  ~IA

    "Thank you again for all of your help, Nancy! My resume is so much more detailed and polished, and my personal statement is something I can be proud of.  I am much more confident about both the content and presentation of my law school applications! I couldn't have done it without your help!"  ~KB

    "Ms. Hamilton is truly a lifesaver when it comes to navigating new experiences. Her assistance helping me apply to graduate school transformed my application, and I know she made me a much stronger candidate for it. I was thoroughly prepared for my interviews, and I felt really confident talking with the interviewers using the toolkit she taught me, from using effective words to emulating positive body language. My success in enrolling in my first-choice school proves it! I cannot thank her enough and I am very grateful to her. Ms. Hamilton has a unique combination of knowledge, insight, and heart that make her a very effective life coach and career coach. She inspires you to shoot for the stars!"  ~LG

    "I really appreciate your help and advice regarding my resume/cover letter/career. I will always remember your kindness and generosity. Thank you sincerely, Nancy!"  ~AK

    "Nancy did an amazing job at reviewing and revitalizing my resume. I was finally able to get a jump start on the job leads that I had been seeking. Thank you, Nancy!"  ~IS

    "I very much appreciate the insight you gave me regarding the qualities I should look for in a boyfriend and in understanding how men think. I followed your advice on how to find and develop a happy, healthy, and respectful relationship -- one that really flows easily! On fulfilling goals, you said to 'believe it before you achieve it' and to set a plan and take action -- with your help, I did this, and it worked!"  ~MK  

    "Thank you so much, Ms. Hamilton, for all the help you gave me in re-prioritizing my goals. It was very insightful and really made me think. I feel good in knowing how to take the steps to fulfill my new personal and career goals!"  ~GM

    "Nancy, thank you for preparing a great resume for me and also for teaching me how to successfully look for a new job out-of-state. The very first day that I emailed my new resume to the companies I was interested in working for, they contacted me and arranged to interview me. I used the new interviewing skills I learned from you -- they really work! -- and felt so confident, I quickly got the job that I really desired! THANK YOU!"  ~GG 

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