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    Welcome to Nancy Hamilton Consulting - Career and Life Coaching Services

    These tools will help you develop your true potential in reaching your personal, scholastic and professional goals.  Learn how to become your best You!  

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    Achieve Your Dreams

    Based in Houston (Texas), Nancy Hamilton offers powerful coaching for individuals (adults and teens) and businesses.  She conducts individual and workshop sessions. Nancy will inspire and empower you to achieve exceptional performance at work, school, or socially and live a fulfilling life.  Learn techniques and life skills to:

    • build confidence and develop interpersonal skills as well as a positive body language and image to live an extraordinary life. 
    •  eliminate limiting beliefs to successfully tap into your talents and abilities and obtain what you really desire and live authentically.
    • empower yourself by learning the power of your words and how to expand your energy level to achieve your goals. 
    • prepare strong, effective job applications and school applications.
    • prepare effectively for an interview you are granted regarding:
    • job applications.
    • college applications.
    • applications to graduate school, medical/dental school, and law school.
    • develop effective communication, presentation, and public-speaking skills. 

    • learn what it takes to be a leader and develop a leadership framework that enables you to successfully navigate the business/corporate world and positively impact your career progression.

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